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       Surongo Bangla Full Movie Download 1080p 720p 420p

Surongo Bangla Full Movie Download 1080p 720p 420p

account_box Admin August 7, 2023 Bangladeshi Movies

Surongo Bangla Full Movie Download 1080p 720p 420p

 Surongo Bangla Full Movie Download 1080p 720p 420p

Director : Raihan Rafi
Screenplay : Najim & Raihan rafi
Story Writer : Raihan Rafi
 Top cast: Afran Nishu & Toma Mirza
Release : 29 June 2023 (Bangladesh)
Budget : ৳2 crore (US$190,000

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Movie Short Article

This movie is Afran Nisho’s first movie, before that Afran Nisho worked in Tv series & web series, he could have worked in movies long ago if he wanted but he didn’t, Afran Nisho has become a hit in whole Bangladesh by making one movie, I think it is very much for Bangladeshi people. Can be found.

This Movie Is Bangladeshi Favour

As Afran Nisho’s work has been very good, many movie creators have named his work as number one, surongo movie is known to be running in many other countries including Bangladesh, surongo movie is known to be a hit with Shakib’s priyotoma movie.

Surongo movie not only Afran Nisho has done good work, all the cast of this movie has done good work, the story of the movie is about a surongo in the movie it is seen that he digs the ground and hides in a backdoor and loots money from there.

The story of the movie is similar to the village scene, but the sad thing is, surongo movie got pirated as soon as it was released, but Bangladesh BD arrested two pirates.

A few days ago, Afran Nisho directly told Shakib Khan that I don’t think he’s a hero, he doesn’t mean a super star, Sakib and Shakib’s team got angry with Afran Nisho.

Many people think that sakib can’t act that well but he has been doing movies in this line for many years and has won many awards, Afran Nisho talks about him.

I think Afran Nisho will do well in a movie but he needs to do a lot better on screen if he wants to beat Shakib Khan, but we have to admit that Shakib and Afran Nisho’s movie is a hit and market this Eid.

I have shared the download link of Surongo movie, but if the owner of the movie has seen this post, please let me know through the comments that you are having problems, if you think that you are having problems due to sharing the movie link, please write the details in the comments and I will delete it. .

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