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        Sentinelle (2023) Full English Movie Amazon 720p HDRip Download

Sentinelle (2023) Full English Movie Amazon 720p HDRip Download

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Sentinelle (2023) Full English Movie Amazon 720p HDRip Download

 Sentinelle (2023) Full English Movie Amazon 720p HDRip Download

Imdb Ratings : 5.3/10
Director : Hugo Benamozig, David Caviglioli
Top Cast : Jonathan Cohen, Emmanuelle Bercot, Raphaël Quenard
Release : September 8, 2023 (United States)
Type : Action, Comedy, Crime
Languages : English

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Sentinelle Movie StoryLine

In the year 2063, humans’ bad treatment of the planet has raised the sea levels to the point where most of Earth is flooded now. Only two continents remain, and currently they’re fighting a war over land and resources.

In the middle of the sea between both continents, there’s a military outpost known as the Sentinel with a crew of four soldiers that are starting to grow frustrated. After two years of service, their contract ended three months ago, yet the relief crew hasn’t come to pick them up yet.

Sentinelle Movie Revew

Food is getting scarce, so during a very stormy night, Cassidy and Sullivan decide to try fishing. Surprisingly, they do well and fill their big net with plenty of catches. Meanwhile, their superior officer, Hendricks, notices the storm is getting too violent, so he asks Banes to secure the giant, explosive that guards the Sentinel.

At that point, the waves start developing huge and savage, influencing the station’s pipelines. Banes hurries to fix them and stalls his hand out, causing him. To battle submerged for a few minutes until he at last can free himself.

Outside, the waves take the net away and the duo loses their bounty. Sullivan tries to grab something again, but the wind is getting too strong and dangerous, so he has to rush back inside before he’s taken away too.

Everyone makes it back just in time before the enormous wave hits the structure, causing it to shake and pushing water through every entrance, but the Sentinel is still standing when it’s over. The next morning, the group discuss how to lower the consumption of their resources while having military rations for breakfast.

Banes wonders what happened to the fish and gets angry when he. Here’s they lost them, and Sullivan retaliates by insulting Banes for taking parts from his kitchen to repair the main pipes. An argument ensues and Hendricks reminds them to behave like adults, asking them to concentrate on the repairs.

Banes wonders why they don’t ask for the relief to hurry, but Hendricks reminds him the telegraph is to make reports only. Afterward, Sullivan does the daily report using the telegraph. He informs the base that there have been no events, and they reply there are no events there either, same as the last few months.

At some point later, Sullivan joins Hendricks outside and in the wake of the storm. poking some fun at their air artist, Sullivan checks out at the ocean with the optics. He’s stunned to find a boat is drawing nearer, which Cassidy affirms when she really takes a look at the radar.

Sullivan gets very happy because he assumes it’s the relief, but Henrich is wary and orders Banes to bring some weapons in case it’s the enemy. Cassidy tries to contact the ship yet gets no answer, so Henrich decides to give the ship a chance.

He hands Sullivan a gun and tells him to take the boat to meet the ship and make sure there aren’t any enemies to worry about. Sullivan immediately takes off and approaches the ship, calling out for any possible passengers, but there’s still no answer.

With his gun out and ready, Sullivan boards the ship and begins investigating, getting more and more upset when he notices the clues. Objects are covered with dirt, the radio isn’t working, and there’s untouched food in the cabinets.

Henrich tries to contact him for a status update, but Sullivan ignores him as he finds four bags destined for them. This had been their relief, but something happened to them. crew and they disappeared, meaning they missed the chance to go home.

Since Sullivan isn’t answering, Hendricks accepts he was gone after, so he needs to shoot the boat before it draws near. The sentinel, he requests Cassidy for one from the keys to the dangerous, and when she falters, he reminds her this is convention.

Together with his own key, Hendricks starts activating the explosive, and before he shoots, he tries contacting Sullivan one last time. Thankfully, Sullivan does answer this time and the attack is cancelled.

However, when Cassidy asks for her key back, Hendricks informs her he’s keeping both as punishment for her hesitation in following orders. Afterward, Sullivan tows the ship over to the sentinel. While Hendricks proceeds to investigate the ship, Sullivan reunites with Cassidy, and they spend a few moments getting frisky to make up for the scare they just went through.

A few hours later, while they have a quick Iodine bath, Banes informs the team of all the things he’s managed to salvage from the ship. He’s also sure this was relief and that the engine hasn’t worked in months.

Sullivan wants to send a message to the base, but Hendricks forbids it until they get more information, since nothing about this makes sense even if it does count as an event. The crew is starting to get tired and wary of Hendricks, attitude, especially when they notice he has both keys now.

After the shower, Hendricks actually looks at the boat’s route history and records every one of the directions, which he returns to the sentinel to apply them on a guide to follow their outing. In the meantime Cassidy and Sullivan discuss what the world should resemble out there, since they haven’t seen it in two years.

Sullivan admits he sent a message behind Hendricks back, so they’ll have an answer tomorrow. The next morning, Hendricks finds his three soldiers suspiciously waiting next to the telegraph and Banes confesses the truth.

Hendricks intends to scold them for it, but at that moment the machine receives an answer. The group gets excited until they read what it says it’s exactly the same message Sullivan sent last night. It’s then that they finally realize they lost contact with the base a long time ago, and the computer has just been sending back the know.

Events message Sullivan sends every day, while Hendricks can continues to work with the coordinates on the map. Banes.

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