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       Piprabidya Full Bangla Telefilm Dowbload 1Click - 1080p 720p

Piprabidya Full Bangla Telefilm Dowbload 1Click – 1080p 720p

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Piprabidya Full Bangla Telefilm Dowbload 1Click – 1080p 720p

Imdb Ratings : 6.2/10
Director : Mostofa Sarwar Farooki
Story writter : Mostofa Sarwar Farooki
Top Cast : Noor Imran Mithu, sheena Chohan, Likhon, Mukit Zakaria, Mou devnath.
Release : October 24. 2014 (Bangladesh)
Budget : N/A
Movie TypeComedy, Drama
StoryLine : Piprabidya The storyline of the movie is that an actress and celebrity mobile phone is received by a man and he is the hero of the movie. He gets the mobile phone and starts blackmailing the heroine.

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Movie Short Article

Piprabidya Movie Storyline

Piprabidya is a Bengali telefilm but even though it is a telefilm no one can catch that it is a telefilm because the whole telefilm was like a movie, the director of this movie is Mustafa Sarwar Farooq Saheb, the movies he makes are more unique than everyone else and he does not make movies like the public. He makes the movies thinking that they will like the movie.

Now let’s see what is the story of the movie, an actress loses her mobile phone and recovers the phone, the hero of this movie and the hero is stupid at first, after getting the mobile, he sees some videos and some pictures on that mobile, then an idea suddenly comes to his mind, that is the girl. The hero of our movie started cheating on this actress or in one word, harassing anyone.

And from here the story of the movie starts, I didn’t review the whole movie because if you read the review and watch the movie then the fun of watching the movie can be lost because if you read the story of the movie beforehand then you lose the pleasure of watching the movie. If someone asks me what number to give piprabidya movie then I will say piprabidya movie will get 9 out of ten.

The story of the movie is very familiar but unique the movie shows the village atmosphere the movie is mostly made in the village and Chittagong “coxbazar and etc. the movie is made in good places by the director of this movie sir, there is a song in the movie that song is also sung by chirkut band and hridoy khan song in one word It’s been great.

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