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        Myself Allen Swapan Bangla Full Web series Download - Google Drive Link

Myself Allen Swapan Bangla Full Web series Download – Google Drive Link

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Myself Allen Swapan Bangla Full Web series Download – Google Drive Link

Imdb Ratings : 7.8/10
Director : N/A
Screenplay : N/A
Story writter :  Unknown
Top Cast : Nasir Uddin Khan, Rafiath Rashid Mithila
Release : April 21, 2023  (Bangladesh)
Budget : N/A
Movie Type : Crime,thriller
StoryLine : In 2018’s Cox’s Bazar, amidst a government anti-drug campaign, news of drug lord Allen Swapon’s death in crossfire spread. Concurrently, a Shamsur Rahman doppelganger surfaced in Dhaka, leaving many to question his identity.
Year 2018, Cox’s Bazar. Government’s anti-narcotic raid is underway with great intensity. News spreads that the infamous drug dealer, Allen Swapan, is killed in a crossfire. Meanwhile, someone resembling him, going by the name of Shamsur Rahman, appears in Dhaka city. Who is this Shamsur Rahman?

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Movie Short Article

The popular Chorki web series “Myself Allen Swapan” recently smashed the OTT platform’s biggest streaming record, garnering 10 million minutes of streaming time in just 100 hours after release. Chorki’s original series “Syndicate” inspired the web series.

The online series, directed by Shihab Shaheen, is Bangladesh’s first spin-off series that stars an antagonist in the starring role.

The play stars Nayaka Rafiyath Rashid Mithila, Nayaka Nasir Uddin Khan, Abdullah Al Sentu, and Suman Anwar.

The performance of Nasir Uddin Khan as Allen Swapan in 2022 was favorably received by the audience. However, the actor had no idea that the spin-off series detailing Allen Swapan’s journey would be so well received.

Allen Swapan and Nasir Uddin Khan are not identical in reality, yet this is one of my favorite characters that I have portrayed,” shared Nasir Uddin. “However, I never thought that audiences would love this character so much. I have received countless letters, calls and posts praising Allen Swapon. As an actor I cannot express my joy in words.

Nayaka Rafiath Rashid Mithila has played the role of Shayla in Myself Allen Swapan series.

“My role in the serial was quite interesting,” the actor said after learning that the serial had broken Chorki’s record. But I didn’t expect the audience to be so engaged with ‘Myself Allen Swapan’ in such a short period of time. “It was possible because of our team,” the actor added.

Shihab Shaheen, the spin-off’s director, remarked, “Our works are fulfilled and fulfilled only when the audience likes them.” “I had no idea the audience would love the character so much when I was making ‘Syndicate.'”

L”Most of the credit goes to Nasir. “He truly brought the role to life, bringing additional depth to it,” the director remarked.

Shayla Mithila’s Watershed Moment

Following the release of Chorki’s original web series ‘Myself Allen Swapan,’ Rafiyath Rashid Mithila piqued the interest of the audience. Those who saw Mithila’s portrayal as ‘Shayla’ couldn’t help but admire the actor’s on-screen prowess.

The actor told the Daily Star about his “Mycel Allen Swapan” experience in Kolkata.

The actor introduced herself as Allen Swapan, a fresh experience in her profession. Shihab Shaheen told a one-of-a-kind story in this series. While immersed in the character, the actress had no idea how well it would be received by the audience.

There was some question about Mithila playing the part. “When Shihab Shaheen read the script to me, I assumed it was Allen Swapan’s story; what was Shaila’s role in this?” But after reading the entire screenplay, I realized Shaila has a lot on her plate.”

Myself Allen Swapan has many ups and downs, and ‘Shaila’ is a character who goes through a lot of emotional turmoil, according to the actor. “Throughout my career, I have played many roles, but this is the first time I have gotten a role like this,” Mithila says. I gave everything I had to the role. I submerged myself in Shayla for days and lived it.”

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