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        MayaShalik Webfilm Download 100% Original Link Google drive link - 1080p

MayaShalik Webfilm Download 100% Original Link Google drive link – 1080p

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MayaShalik Webfilm Download 100% Original Link Google drive link – 1080p

Imdb Ratings : 8.0/10
Director : shihab shaheen.
Story writter : jahan sultana.
Top Cast : ziaul Faruq Apurbo, Sadiya Ayman.
Release : December 20, 2022 (Bangladesh)
Budget : N/A
Movie TypeDrama – Mystery – Romance – sci – fi Thirller.
StoryLine : Apurbo acted in Mayashalik web film and a new actress, MayaShalik Web film Download link, Mayashalik web film Download HD, Mayashalik 2022 web film.

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Movie Short Article

Mayashalik is a webfilm its stroyline is given below:

Mayashalik “Apurbo has acted in this web film, Apurbo has not changed, but the web film has been released in 2022, but the team of the web film has not yet published it on YouTube. Lately, apurbo has been doing very little work, before he used to work a lot and apurbo is the most marketable big boy” in the drama. Many people liked this play.

Abhi takes a bus from Dhaka to the village and says he will stay alone, he reaches the village by bus and finds the house and knocks on the door and after some time an old woman comes and opens the door and says who are you Abhi replies you don’t know me your owner. I talked to him and he said he will rent the house to me.

Then the maid lets Abhi enter the building and calls the owner and says a boy is coming calling you, then the house owner meets Abhi and asks some questions to Abhi “Why did you leave dhaka and come to the village?” Abhi replies I am writing some stories. I want to stay in the village quietly, then the owner of the house said, do you know Humayun-Farid, Abhi replied, yes, then the owner of the house said, well, you know him, but not his fan.

Then it is seen that the younger daughter of the house owner and an older daughter are trying to feed some mosquitoes in a glass bottle and feeding them blood from the anhul, and the elder daughter is not eating the mosquitoes, so the younger sister is afraid to say to her little brother, “I don’t like mosquitoes’ blood, let me eat your blood.” He ran away from there.

Meanwhile Abhi is talking to the owner and having tea but holding the cup of tea and cupping Abhi’s hand and Abhi has a problem with his leg he can’t walk without stand and cuts are also visible under his eyes, then the landlord says I will leave us in a few days.

The house will be empty so I said let’s rent the house, but there will be a maid in the house, she will cook for you and my cousins, if there is any problem, tell them and they will solve it.

And I didn’t tell the story, if you read the story then you won’t like to watch the series, so I think you will enjoy downloading it, if you have any problem, you can tell us through comments, thanks.

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