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       Kolkatar Harry Bengali Movie Download 1080p 720p - Google Drive Link

Kolkatar Harry Bengali Movie Download 1080p 720p – Google Drive Link

account_box Admin August 8, 2023 Kolkata Movies

 Kolkatar Harry Bengali Movie Download 1080p 720p – Google Drive Link

Imdb Ratings : 6.7/10
Director : Rajdeep Ghosh
Screenplay : N/A
Story writter :  Rohit Dey, Soumya Nandy
Top Cast : Sudipa Bashu, Raj Chakraborty, soham Chakraborty Priyanka sarkar.
Release : may 6, 2022 (India)
Budget : N/A
Movie Type : Comedy, Family
StoryLine : Soham Chakraborty, Priyanka Sarkar, Laboni Sarkar, Arindam Ganguly, Dipankar Dey, Prosenjit Chatterjee, and Oishika Guhathakurta star in the lead role in Kolkatar Harry, a forthcoming Indian Bengali language comedy children’s film.

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Movie Short Article

Aakash Mishra: There will be immense magic one day. And everything will be different. The surroundings will be just what the mind desires. But when exactly? Live with optimism. Whether rich, middle-class, or impoverished, everyone works around the clock to make a buck.

He, too, desires similar magic in his life. He also wishes for the removal of all sorrows and the filling of his life with joy. Is this, however, always possible? This attitude was adopted by director Rajdeep Ghosh in his film ‘Kolkatar Harry’ (Kolkatar Harry Movie). And when I was recounting this story of magic and dreams, subjects like kid mind, school, and child trafficking came up one by one. Helplessness has also entered the picture.

Let’s get into the film’s plot. Hari alias Soham Chakraborty, also known as Captain, drives a school bus. Harry Potter enthusiast. Excellent wizardry. Tells the story of magic in everyday life. Hari takes JK Rowling’s Harry Potter’s credo of how to be good in any scenario.

The same as Wigordom Leviosa! Mohar Sen, played by Priyanka Sarkar in the film, used Harry Potter’s magic to defeat the boss. The slogan that persuades Mohr’s stern mother to change her mind. Mohar’s heart was suddenly overwhelmed by Hari’s love. However, this slogan will not transform Hari’s position. So the story of the crisis and its conclusion continues. However, the director shocks us by telling a narrative within a story. Prosenjit Chatterjee is the story’s major character! Which is the film’s real twist.

That’s the plot. What do you think of ‘Harry of Kolkata’?

Rajdeep has selected an excellent theme for his story. But he made a mistake when telling this anecdote. Because he grouped various challenges and issues one after the other while presenting life and magic in one frame. Which is not held together by a single thread. Instead, it takes the shape of a jump cut. Actually, the screenplay for this picture could have been handled with greater attention.

Soham and Priyanka have worked hard on their acting. Soham will receive somewhat higher marks in this situation. Prosenjit Chatterjee doesn’t get much screen time. However, he performs admirably in the picture. The child actors also did an excellent job.

It will also be great to see Lavani Sarkar on film again after a lengthy absence. The writing is the film’s biggest flaw. Without the inclusion of various topics, this image may easily have been reduced to a password for happy. This is when ‘Harry of Kolkata’ faltered. The VFX work is subpar. A film based on a fairy tale required excellent visual effects. Finally, ‘Kolkata Harry’ has the makings of a good picture. However, due to a sloppy screenplay, this film ended up being of ordinary quality.

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