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        Gunin (2022) Bangla Movie Download - 1080p 720p Google drive link

Gunin (2022) Bangla Movie Download – 1080p 720p Google drive link

account_box Admin August 17, 2023 Bangladeshi Movies
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Gunin (2022) Bangla Movie Download – 1080p 720p Google drive link

Imdb Ratings : 6.3/10
Director : Md. hazifur Rohman, giasuddin selim
Story writter : Md. hazifur Rohman, giasuddin selim
Top Cast : Pori Moni, Soriful Razz, Azad Abul kalam, md. Tamim Hawlader.
Release : March 11, 2022 (Bangladesh)
Budget : N/A
Movie TypeDrama, Horror, Thriller.
StoryLine : Gunin is the name of a Kaviraj who heals patients by chanting and summons Jinn and protects everyone from Jinn attacks.Gunin Bangla Movie Download link, Gunin Movie download 720p

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Movie Short Article

Gunin Movie Storyline

Let me clear what gunin means before, gonin means what is called Kaviraj, who is called Kaviraj who can make the patient better by making jinn appear.

Soon a black crow is seen on a branch of a tree and under that branch a girl is tied to the ground by the Gunin because the girl is captured by the Jinn and beats the girl with a stick to release the Jinn and they know that the mothers who are giving the girl are all on the Jinn. is reading However, when the genie refused to leave the girl’s body, he burned some dry chillies and held it in front of the girl’s nose.

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gunin he has a daughter his daughter one day saw her father mean gunin he is lenga in front of his daughter or on the bed gunin’s daughter was lying there gunin started having sex as a lenga…then bluh bluh.

The next day Parimini is seen in the movie Pari’s name which I did not say.
Then there is a river, there are two sailors to cross the river, one of those two sailors is Soriful Razz, the real husband of Pari. Pari falls in love with him and Shariful Raj along with Pari and her mother take some bags to Jan to their home. There Shariful Raj falls in love with Pari and Jan from there the movie begins.

On one hand, Shariful’s brother wants to have a good relationship with Pari’s mother because her daughter is wanted by him and he likes her very much, on the other hand, Shariful Raj is after Pari, both of them want Pari, if I review the whole movie, then you will not like the movie. Because watching a movie knowing the story is not much fun.

Even though Parimony has been discussed a lot, she has acted very well in this movie, everyone knows that Shariful Raj and Parimony got their baby in Pari’s belly after doing this movie, Shariful Raj had to marry Pari after the baby came in the belly. It became very viral once. Anyway, who did this? We don’t need to watch, we will watch the movie that’s all.

Now let’s talk about downloading gunin movie.

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