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       Floor Number 7 Full Movie Download Link 1080p 720p - google drive link filmywap

Floor Number 7 Full Movie Download Link 1080p 720p – google drive link filmywap

account_box Admin August 11, 2023 Bangladeshi Movies

 Floor Number 7 Bangla Movie download 1080p 720p – filmywap

Imdb Ratings : 5.7/10
Director : Raihan Rafi
Story writterRaihan Rafi
Top Cast : shabnam bubly, raaz mania, Shahriar nazim joy, sumon anwar, toma mirza & etc.
Release : May 2, 2022 (Bangladesh)
Budget : N/A
Movie Type : Crime, Thriller.
StoryLine : Famous entertainer Sadman Chowdhury shot dead by a gun while recording a scene on the shooting floor of a film. All the stunning data came out individually in the examination. Who exchang.

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Movie Short Article

Floor Number 7 Movie

In this movie, Bubli acted as Avni and Adnan went to shoot in a shooting sport, after a while Adnan was murdered, no one knows who or who did the murder.

How is the movie Floor Number 7?

This movie is made of crime and thriller movie with several actors and actresses I can’t say how you will like the movie but I like it very much, the movie story and director has worked on the whole thing raihan rafi he is making movies with good story lately. Also working with some good cast.

Durning movie how much?

Compared to other Bangladeshi movies it is a bit short in time or size like other Bangladeshi movies are usually above 2 hours but this movie is a 1 hour 35 minutes movie but the movie is short but the story is definitely good, if the story is good then 1 hour movie is also good. Offering better movies than others.

Where can I see the movie Floor no 7?

This movie has not been published on youtube or facebook yet, but we have given it to download on this site, also there are some official apps in Bangladesh to watch the movie in which you need to subscribe.

I have said a lot about the movie, the whole movie is made with the subject of shooting, but the movie is not boring to watch, but it may seem like a drama to you, because you can’t see action anywhere in the movie, the whole movie is made with only crime & thriller.

How to download movies?

To download the movie floor number 7, press the above “click to generate link” and wait for 190 seconds, then the download file option will appear, that’s it, but if there is any problem to download, then watch the download process video above and learn from us. You can download movies for free.

I didn’t say much about the movie because if I tell it here, it can lose the love of watching the movie, like if you say that I watched the movie review, then what is the movie learning lab.

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