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       Commando 3 Full Hindi Movie Download 1080p 720p - Google Drive Link

Commando 3 Full Hindi Movie Download 1080p 720p – Google Drive Link

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 Commando 3 Full Hindi Movie Download 1080p 720p – Google Drive Link

Imdb Ratings : 5.9/10
Director : Aditya Datt
Screenplay : N/A
Story writter :  darius yarmil – junaid wasi – vipul Amrutlal shah
Top Cast : Gulshan devaiah, Robin Chaudhary,
Release : November 29, 2019 (india)
Budget :$4,854,910
Movie Type : Action,Adventure,thriller
StoryLine : Karan travels to London in order to prevent a terrorist assault on India.
From his headquarters in London, a mysterious guy is planning an attack on the country. Karan Singh Dogra sets out to find the enemy, with the help of British Intelligence. Will Commando be able to stop the attack and save the nation?

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Movie Short Article

While watching Commando 3, one wonders if it is tiring because to the problem of plenty, or if it is simply too dull to keep you interested. It may be either. The global surge in terrorism has ensured that enough films are made about the people who risk their lives to preserve the world from another terrorist attack. However, the practice has been going on for far too long, and far too many films have followed suit. For a film based on the premise to be successful today, it must be a truly unique concept, which Commando 3 is not. One that goes beyond the race-against-the-clock structure, chest-thumping patriotism, and demeaning the Muslim community.

The screenplay, and hence the storyline, are so dull that you are left with little imagination or hook points to actually care about what occurs next. Stereotypical scenes, such as the one in which a young, indoctrinated man in Mumbra, Mumbai, is urged to prove his love for Islam by butchering a calf, quickly lose appeal. What follows is a series of clichés.

A Muslim father’s regret that his efforts to protect his son from terrorists have been futile, and a “bharatwaadi” officer’s pledge that no other Indian will be drawn into jihad. It’s all been done before, but Commando 3 emphasizes it enough to make you squirm and wonder if this is the only way to make a picture about terrorism.

The hero is Captain Karan Singh Dogra (Vidyut Jammwal). On wrongdoings, his heart bleeds. Early in the film, he is transported to Delhi by a news report about a few akhada guys torturing young skirt-wearing females. He defeats them and becomes a hero. The film revolves around Jammwal’s fast-paced action sequences. Everything else is irrelevant. After establishing his larger-than-life character, he is summoned to stop a terror plot planned by Buraq Ansari (Gulshan Devaiah), a London-based terrorist.

Ansari is a jihadist who operates behind a black veil, brainwashing young Indians to join him. It is only a matter of time before Dogra and his crew solve the mysteries. The only problem is that the riddles are too frothy and predictable. And his crew, from both India and London (the Military Intelligence/MI), appears to be mostly unimportant, with little to no role to perform. They are present because the heroism of the leading man must be demonstrated.

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